Accessibility-Challenge for Hubzilla-Community

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Do you vote for proposal, that this statament "Focusing on what is best for the community" Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct must to complete with Standards, where are appropriate those inaccessible user interfaces

... blind people have ways to cope regardless of developers attention to accessibility. What he finds frustrating is stuff like menu items without text descriptions, e.g. he is tabbing forward and misses a button we see as the menu icon / hamburger icon if it lacks a text description in the alt property. Mostly icons, tables and illustrations or diagrams without explanatory text is a problem.
Qualitätscheck Übersetzung "Was ist Hubzilla?"

to prevent?

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Oh, the video is under Creative Commons Atttribution, meaning you can do what you like with it as long as you give me credit for the original.
I need the number for CC Attribution license for the "Behold - Hubzilla 2.2!"-Video, please.