search results with exclusively hits from own channel

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I have Hubzilla channel XYZ with only one item ZYXConnection in the connections list. In the "Security and Privacy Settings" set I "Forum - Private". When I search https://hub.domain.tld/search?search=%23froscon , then I get in the search results list also hits with posts with #froscon tag from Diaspora network. Although "Enable the Diaspora protocol for this channel" option in channel settings for channel XYZ is deactvated. And post writer from Diaspora isn't listed in connections list for channel XYZ.

I wish for search query for channel XYZ only hits from channel XYZ. What can I do for exclude Diaspora hits from https://hub.mydomain.tld/search?search query?

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Saved search feature dosn't work for me. I save the query - s. screenshot bottom, but I seen't the saved search in my navigation.
Hubzilla Version 3.5.8