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data model for multilingual website

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@Andrew Manning @Hubzilla Development+ Would we maybe use this model one channel for each website-language ?
Benefit of this "one channel for each website-language"-model is in my assessment, that:
  • all language-specific website-files are neatly arranged and the files can tidy import/export for each language-edition
  • each language-Team is responsible for own language-channel, for example en/de/ru/ ...
  • Links in hubzilla-project-navbar -block must in this data model language-specific changed
  • The wrong layout in websites 1-3 is here not the matter. Here it is about data model for the language-sensitive website.
Edit 05-21-2017
Another advantage is that is it helpful for Hubzilla-Ranking in SERP , when each laanguage-Pages get one separate URL - s. to that subject: serverside delievery of appropriate lang-sense pageversion worsened searchengine ranking

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