Submit-Label in Channel-Setting dialog through Save-Setting to replace

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I suggest, in Channel-"Setting" dialog the "Submit"-Label through Save to replace. I mean, that "Submit"-Label reflects the UI-perception of Hubzilla-developer. "Save"-Feature reflects the UI-perception from the perspective of the average user.

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True, the programmer sees the "submission of a an HTML form" while the person using Hubzilla thinks of what they are doing as "saving their settings". Good point.

Honestly most of the settings would be more easily set by an AJAX call that saves them without pressing a Save/Submit button at all, but this is annoying to implement; plus, when you have a mixture of immediately saved settings and some that require a Save button it is more confusing.
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I prefer saving with pressing a Save button. Benefits of this with pressing-solution:
  • I can if any change the input - bevor pressing button.
  • Important! AJAX caused as the case may be needless data transfer. Maybe some with AJAX transfered values (for example the channel and profil setings) will be immediately synchronized - possibly needless.