data model for multilingual website

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@Andrew Manning @Hubzilla Development+ Would we maybe use this model one channel for each website-language ?
Benefit of this "one channel for each website-language"-model is in my assessment, that:
  • all language-specific website-files are neatly arranged and the files can tidy import/export for each language-edition
  • each language-Team is responsible for own language-channel, for example en/de/ru/ ...
  • Links in hubzilla-project-navbar -block must in this data model language-specific changed
  • The wrong layout in websites 1-3 is here not the matter. Here it is about data model for the language-sensitive website.
Edit 05-21-2017
Another advantage is that is it helpful for Hubzilla-Ranking in SERP , when each laanguage-Pages get one separate URL - s. to that subject: serverside delievery of appropriate lang-sense pageversion worsened searchengine ranking

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Oh that may be true but Ich weisse nicht. Do you know how to search the source code? Perfect pristine documentation is always the ideal, but in practice many questions can be rather easily answered by using an IDE like NetBeans to search the Hubzilla code.
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The perfect case would be, when I choice had one Comanche training/ webinar to absolve :).
It's not that hard. I will think about an online course.
#toDo for next weekend, starting on Wednesday.