channel clone at the same hub

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I would like build one clone from my channel at the same hub. For example:
  • I export channel A with webname from hub
  • I change channel webname in the file .json to Clone
  • I import channel A with webname Clone on the hub   
Is it possible? Must I change channel webname only on one location in the file .json?

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Aren't profiles exactly what you're looking for?
@Oliver I don't think so, at least in my case. Imagine I am running a support channel on but don't want to continue. You'd like to take over but for reasons it is to stay on that hub. This problem is not solved by me creating a different profile.

It's more a "move channel from account x to account y".
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Ok, so you want to have some sort of "copy channel" rather than "clone".
That is right. Thank you very much @M. Dent for such a detailed and helpful answer.