Time of client device in hubzilla timestamps - a bug or feature?

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I browsed the thread start.hubzilla.org erroneously as open hub declared from 19.11.2017 with one Raspberry PI. Can you find one bug here?


Is it a bug or feature, that hubzilla use time of client device in hubzilla timestamps? In my opnion, is it a bug. Please Vote: Bug - yes or no?

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Alexandre Hannud Abdo
Perhaps it should say '6 months in the future' ;)
Maria Karlsen
What is in your channel settings? (Settings => Channel Settings => Time Zone) You can pick UTC (Other) or any other time zone of your choice.
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My  channel settings was Timezone: Berlin. I tryed with  Timezone: UTC - produced no improvement, no changes for displayed timestamp.

//EDIT: The bug is caused by assumption, that time of client device is correct. If client device time is wrong is time information also buggy.
//EDIT2:  no changes for age of posts.