investigate, how much storage demanded each channels

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I'm loggedin as admin, but I find no possibility to investigate, how much storage demanded each channel. How can I investigate, how much storage demanded each channel?

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Ich bin angemeldet als Admin auf mit der Version 2.8.1, aber unter "Konten" und "Kan├Ąle" sehe ich keine M├Âglichkeit, diese Speicherwerte zu ermitteln.

Hat man als Admin die M├Âglichkeit zu ermitteln, was den Speicherverbrauch auf dem jeweiligen Kanal verursacht?

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hEARt PhoniX
Why the for loop?

du -sh *          
1.3M    [data]
1.4M    drafts                                                    
20K     hzkick
4.0K    notebook                                                
8.5M    tobias
Steffen K9 ­čÉÖ
Better because more beautiful and sorted by size:
ncdu /path/to/store
hEARt PhoniX
Depends on what is available. du is on any basic install and just works. ncdu is an additional installation. It is quite a nifty tool though, yes. But a server should only have just as much software installed as it really needs to get the job done. Software that is not installed cannot be used for any exploits and malitious actions.
For a server beauty is simplicity en par with security.