changing ACL for tokenized content

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  • I created webpage WPB on channel B with [observer=1/0] protected content
  • WPB contains image ImA, that be accesible only for selected vistor
  • I allowed visibility for ImA for token TImA
  • but image ImA is not visible for token TImA
  •   image ImA be visible for token TImA, if I upload/include image ImA after change of ACL for image ImA
Is this beahavior a bug or a feature? I anticipate, that image ImA be visible for token TImA without new upload image ImA after allowing visibility for ImA for token TImA.

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Haakon Meland Eriksen (Parlementum)
Right, you need two folders, one for restricted files and one for public files.

ImageB must be under a restricted folder in Files, e.g. Restricted Files, while ImageA is in a public folder in Files, e.g Public Files.

Add the ZAT for OnlyYouAreWelcome to Restricted Files.

Add the ZAT-link to ImageB to the webpage.

I may have got this wrong.
neue medienordnung plus
I assume, that with your solution I must all webpages, where include Restricted Objects also declare to Restricted Webpages. Otherwise see other authenticated user without access to image logo.png this message:

Haakon Meland Eriksen (Parlementum)
Well, as described just those with the ZAT-link are allowed in, but you can add other people to the Restricted Files folder. I am going to a meeting now, so good luck! :-)