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Is it consent, that the content on language-localized -Homepage mustn't a simple translation of english content are? I suggest this content - Hubzilla short-presentation on Hubzilla-Homepage - for cultural distinctiveness to adapt. For example significance and sensitivity, understanding for data privacy are in German qualitative different of these in USA or elsewhere.

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I'll have to think about that. I'm not sure it's a good idea to have significant differences in the content when it comes to the Hubzilla software project itself. If you want to address very German-specific issues such as particular laws, etc, perhaps we should have an explicit section for that. Here's a thought: we can have one of those language selector menu items in the nav bar. When you select a language (or the page automatically sets to your browser language), then you get the same content but translated to your language, except for a specific section that has region-specific content if that makes sense. So if the language is German, that local section could discuss how Hubzilla fits into German law or whatever, but we'd want to make it clear that this kind of information is not an official part of the Hubzilla software project.
Mike Macgirvin
Targeting the customer is one of the first rules of advertising. It is no different in concept than Pepsi-Cola changing all their ad copy to "with your mates" rather than "with your friends" when advertising something in Australia.  If you use the latter version in Australia, most viewers instantly turn off to the ad because it is selling the product to a completely different culture. You also don't see new cars negotiating the streets of Los Angeles or through the Rockies. You see them driving through Melbourne or the outback. The Germans are (rightly) proud of their privacy legislation. This is important to acknowledge when pitching a communications project to that audience.

@Andrew Manning has the final decision in any case but I'm just throwing in my 0 cents. (In Australia all prices are rounded to the nearest AUD 0.05.)