OT: framagit contact?

Jens (public)
hi !Hubzilla Development people, sorry for this off-topic post but I'm at a dead end with creating a framagit account and wonder whow you all managed this?

I created an account there and never received the confirmation email.
But the account is there and the given address is valid: I can, for example, do a password reset: I get an email from framagit and can follow the link and update my account password.
But I cannot log in: "Sorry the account needs to be verified first" - But how???

Also, the https://contact.framasoft.org/ is not helpful either, all french, everything leads nowhere. I tried Mastodon: no response on my contact, I went to twitter: "no spport, please use the website" and I don't understand anything else on that site.

Anybody have any idea on how to get this fixed?

Yea, I could simply create another account but that feels wrong.
hEARt PhoniX
They are French.
Don't assume.
Herbert Thielen
They are french open source coders, hey.
Jens (public)
Thanks @Herbert Thielen for the suggestion! There is indeed a form hidden behind that, wow! Will try that now