maintenance effort -> comparsion Friendica to Hubzilla

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Steffen K9 ­čÉ░Steffen K9 ­čÉ░ wrote the following post Sun, 13 May 2018 11:30:58 +0200

Can you as Sysadmin confirm, that Friendica-node induced less maintenance effort by comparsion to Hubzilla?

Hmm. That's tricky. I run Hubzilla on master branch (stable release) most of the time. So there is not much to do besides an update every couple of weeks or even months.
Friendica is running on develop branch (RC at the moment). And because the Friendica devs are very hardworking people <3 providing a lot of code updates, I "have to" pull new code on a daily basis.
I guess both were on the same level of maintenance efforts if I would run both instances on master (stable) branch.

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I'm wondering how stable is dev and if I should run it in production as a public hub.

I would not recommend doing that.
Mike Macgirvin
Production/public sites should probably stay on master for a sense of stability - unless it is specifically a developer community. We push a new release every couple of months and the time creeps by before you know it. That said, there have been a number of changes recently which were specifically to address issues encountered in the disroot configuration, which is slightly atypical of our standard configurations. 'dev' will ways be less stable than master (it's the nature of the beast); but we sort of need some feedback on some of these fixes and ensure they are up to scratch before the next release. If anybody at disroot is interested in being involved in ongoing development, a dedicated dev/test site might be a workable option so you don't have to hack on your main site "live" and can also keep up to date with (and even participate in if desired) the latest developments.
Yeah, I'll be setting up dev instance this week (probably weekend) just to be able to break things especially if we go live soon. We really want to start being more involved in development part fo the project as well, so having instance you can break is a must.

But as you pointed out some of (very crutial) for us changes are currently jailed in dev so a tiny 0.0.X release would be great, but I certainly dont want to put any preasure on you guys.