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Here is listed, that the german version 98% translated is, but when I click on the Help-Icon (right top in Hubzilla-window) get I ever only english help-texts. Why get I never german help-texts?

I know only two german help-pages:

But 1) and 2) aren't linked at help-navigation left side. How get I access to other help-pages in german? However, my default language for Hubzilla and for Browser is german.

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The difficulty in translation is much more git difficulty than translation difficulty. If you don't know how to use git you are not able to translate.  Am I right ?
Raymond Monret
@kris that's correct but if you're a hub admin you have all you need to lake a git pull request.

@Andrew Manning the documentation has not yet been translated into French as far as I know, at least not in the official git repo.
I add problems with git push but I am not the best on git so now I am confusing all and I don't know how to translate again